About Jenna Tierno

Jenna is a native of California. She earned a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in the arts and has shown her work in and around Los Angeles for the last decade. Although art was fulfilling she began a spiritual journey and was initiated into Reiki energy. As a practitioner, she had many miraculous healing experiences. She knew she had to explore other healing modalities and began working with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Quantum frequency. She was hooked and decided to commit herself to research further a healing way of life and for the past twenty years, Jenna has focused her attention on nutrition and health concerns. Look for a new e-Course on raising healthy children by teaching good habits and of course good nutrition.  

In late 2015 Jenna’s mother suffered a stroke and after 3 months of treatment, she went to live in a home for assisted living. She would never come home again. Fourteen months later she passed away in her sleep. At the time Jenna was studying to be a health coach and was working with her favorite design mentor on her first children’s book.  Receiving her certification as a health coach she felt accomplished, it was a difficult course of study. As for her children’s book, well it was put on hold. She hopes to complete it in 2020. It is entitled “The Gift Of A Day”. 



This is her little muse, Midnight. He always shows up in the middle of a project she’s trying to complete. And before you know it there he is in her face. Animals have always been an important part of her life and tries to help any stray that that happens to find its way to her doorstep.
Jenna loves the mountains and the trees and by all rights is a nature girl at heart, hiking trails whenever she can.
Her continued desire is to inspire you to keep reaching that higher place in your lives that brings you joy and greater fulfillment.
When her life was challenging she would turn to her poetry. This is her poem honoring the child in all of us.








A Child’s Place
There is a place a child’s place
where time is spent in a fantasy space.
There is a place, a child’s place
where running with balloons is more fun
and the flowers bloom happily under the sun.
A child’s place is full of wonder, a magical
canopy to fall under.
There is a place, a child’s space
this is where you fill your heart with love and grace.