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This site was created to explore ideas and thoughts about subjects that are of special interest to me and concern all our daily lives.  Wellness and nutrition, have become my main focus. Isn’t that what they tell you? “You have nothing if you don’t have your health.” Our life choices affect our health, as well as our spiritual wellbeing. Intuitive eating for a healthier you promotes a distinctive approach to dieting. No one way is good for everyone.   

These life choices affect our kids as well. Raising healthy kids by teaching them good habits that will help them all their lives by making better food choices at mealtimes, being involved with them in fun family activities, and even taking a walk every day will help both you and your kids remain fit. Be Creative! 

 Making my own do-it-yourself beauty recipes gives me more control and peace of mind when I know what’s in my cleansers and moisturizers. With so many products having dangerous chemicals that are bad for your skin and health designing my own makes more sense for me.

Creating my ideal life using fun vision boards that work, and understanding the necessity of a good night’s sleep are just a few of the areas I look at to create a more holistic lifestyle. I try to inspire you to get you thinking about positive and joyful changes in your life.

On Beauty…

Lemons have a large number of properties that make them great to use for your everyday beauty routine. There are a number of qualities in lemons that can better your appearance without any harsh chemicals. Here are some ways that you can incorporate them into your beauty routine…










On Nutrition..

Why are there so many diets that want to show you how to eat? Shouldn’t eating be a natural activity? The idea of intuitive eating resonates with me.
Listening to what your body is saying it needs is like healing what hurts. Intuitive eating is not a free-for-all where you eat whatever you want, in whatever quantity, regardless of how it makes you feel. It is all about honoring your hunger, trusting your body, and eating to fuel and nourish your body.